Easy Daniel Fast Smoothies



Fasting should not be complicated. Eat the allowed foods, pray more, seek God.  That is my fasting plan for the Surrender 2014 Fast.

So for those who like to keep things simple, here are a few quick and yummy Daniel Fast smoothies. Each has four ingredients or less that you can find in any major retail grocery store and they all taste great!



Chunky Monkey Smoothie

1 extremely ripe banana (preferably frozen)

1 tablespoon of Natural Chunky peanut butter (or your favorite natural nut butter)

1 cup of unsweetened  Soy/Rice/Almond milk

Blend together and enjoy! If you don’t have time to freeze the banana just throw in a few cubes of ice before you blend.


Tropical Smoothie

1/2 cup unsweetened crushed pineapple with juice

1/2 cup frozen mango chunks (bags can be found in freezer section of your local store)

A few frozen strawberries or raspberries

1 cup of unsweetened Soy/Rice/Almond milk

Blend together and enjoy!


Beginner Friendly Green Smoothie 

1 extremely ripe banana (preferably frozen)

1/2 cup frozen spinach

1/2 cup unsweetened crushed Pineapple with juice (or frozen grapes if you don’t like pineapple)

1 cup unsweetened Soy/Rice/Almond milk

Blend together and enjoy! It will be green but tasty!


Smoothies are a great snack to sip on during your scripture reading time!

Oh taste and see that the Lord is GOOD!


Saundra outsideSaundra Dalton-Smith is an internal medicine physician, author, speaker, and hope activist. She shares with audiences nationwide on the topics of eliminating limiting emotions and helps them see their options in life. She is the founder of I Choose My Best Life, a movement to renew hope in a generation where depression, stress, and fear is peaking. Her books include Set Free to Live Free: Breaking Through the 7 Lies Women Tell Themselves (2011) and Come Empty: Healing For Every Place Life’s Hurt You (2014).


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