Trusting God with Every Little Thing

The world is full of opportunities to trust God with all types of major issues. Expecting mothers are trusting God for healthy babies. Those affected by illness are trusting God for healing. Many experiencing disappointment are trusting God for hope.

These life change moments easily take center stage, but even in the small things God beacons us to trust him. This is the challenge I found in Deidra Riggs new release Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are.

As a resident of a small town most of the world has never heard of, I used to wonder what could I do for God. I’ve always been one who believes the people of God are to be Kingdom Ambassadors. What I didn’t realize was that I saw those ambassadors coming from big cities with big platforms as more valuable to God.  At that time in my life I didn’t understand how God see’s each of us as equally valuable. We are all on equal ground with Papa. The problem is many of us have an identity crisis. We see ourselves as small and insignificant. In His eyes we are the perfect choice for the task He has for us.

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In Every Little Thing, Deidra begins the conversation with three chapters on healing our identity crisis. She calls us to detach from things, places, and fears which confuse our thinking about who we are and whose we are. The next chapters reveals how to follow God’s leading. This section really touched me because like Deidra I found God calling me to a physical location I didn’t really want to be. Yet in this place, this small town in “nowhere Alabama”, God has blessed me above and beyond my wildest imagination.

Following God’s leading is often the hardest part in making a difference. The opportunities to  be a blessing are endless and without His leading it’s easy to get off track spending valuable time doing things He has never called us to do. One beautiful quote I love from this section states “We cannot truly surrender to the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit first breathing surrender into us…We want to live a life of significance, but we can’t live it until we release our hold on it.” (page 107)

Deidra concludes Every Little Thing with a challenge to take the next steps. One of my favorite line from this section states “I had to find my way back to feeling good about small.” (page 142) This is a sentiment I can relate to. So what do you do when you find yourself in a small place? You give God the glory. You praise Him for the small, for every little thing.


everlasting lightJoin me in celebrating the launch of Deidra’s book with some awesome gifts! The winner will receive a gift set which includes a copy of Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are along with an Everlasting Light Shine necklace from DaySpring!

On the back cover Deidra states “Everyone has had that moment -we see a need and we think, Someone really should do something about that, never imagining that we might be the answer.”

In the comments below share a need you see in the world. Feel free to include in your comment what God is impressing upon your heart about getting involved and any barriers you face in following His lead.

A winner will be randomly selected from all the comments on Saturday November 14th.


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