Take a Moment to Remember

Take a moment to remember the meaning of Christmas

Everywhere I turn I’m hearing the phrase, “Remember the reason for the season.”

Why is it important to remember?

What happens when we forget who we are and who God is in our lives?

In our forgetting, we lose the ability to stand strong. The weight of life’s responsibilities and challenges become a load we no longer feel we can bare.

As you can imagine, this is when our strength runs out quickly and we find ourselves desperate for help.

When we feel weak, it’s important to remember the reason Jesus came some 2000+ years ago as a babe of a virgin mother. It’s necessary to recall the implications of His life and His death. And it’s vital to lean heavily on the grace of God.

Grace, in general, means different things to different people. We love to discuss the grace of God in generalized terms, but for me grace is about inviting the power of God in to change a situation. About nine years ago, Christmas was not a fun season for me but yet another stressor in an already maxed out life. It was a time in my life when on the outside things looked very well, but on the inside I was an emotional, physical, and spiritual mess. I had a busy medical practice and two small boys under two, both full-time jobs demanding my attention. My life was straining under the pressures of trying to hold it all together in my own strength.

The problem was although my heart was open to God’s help, I had neglected to take the needed steps to invite in the power of God’s GRACE into the different areas of my life. Because if we are 100% open and honest, even the gifts of God come with responsibility and pressures. What I found is that the blessings in a woman’s life are often also the stressors in a woman’s life. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by your to-do list, activities, kids events, career, and relationships, then you know what I mean.

You see this is where GRACE comes in!


Resurrecting power


Changing and

Empowering my life

GRACE is an invitation to determine what areas of your life need the resurrecting power of God to come in to make a change for the better. It’s an opportunity to exchange frustration for peace and to submit the need to control with the desire to have God take control. It is not an excuse for not taking action, but a prayerful plan on what choices will lead to the John 10:10 abundant life Jesus offers.

Pause for a moment to listen to this beautiful song by Will Reagan called Take A Moment:

One of my favorite verses in the song states:

Take a moment to remember

Who God is and who I am

There You go lifting my load again

Whenever we spend time in God’s word, it not only reveals who God is but also reveals who we are in Him. The knowledge of that truth is a burden-bearer capable of lightening your load, easing your fears, and bringing peace to your mind.

I pray these graphics will help you remember who God is and who you are this Christmas season.

Who God is

Who we are in Christ

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