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If I could spend an extra hour finishing my to-do list or sleep, I’d choose sleep.
I feel tired at the end of the day but have a difficult time falling asleep at night.
I’m often battling upper respiratory infections and get sick more often than others.
I have daily muscle soreness, body aches, and neck pain.
I often feel sluggish between 2 PM – 5 PM and desire a sugary snack or a cup of coffee.
I routinely use wine or an alcoholic drink to help me unwind in the evening.
I’m occasionally required to lift 20 or more pounds throughout the day.
I participate in more than 5 hours of high-intensity exercise each week or engage regularly in sports.
I lack the energy to do fun activities with my family during the week and on the weekend.
I get less than 6 hours of sleep on most days.
I often find my thoughts drifting when I’m trying to concentrate.
I get easily irritated and frustration when people add tasks to my to-do list.
I avoid new tasks because I fear I’ll make an error or mess it up.
I find it difficult to make decisions.
I often yell at and get upset with the people closest to me over insignificant things.
I spend most of my day doing activities I find overwhelming.
I prefer to day-dream about the life I want rather than dealing with my real life.
I often can’t fall asleep because I’m replaying events/conversations from my day.
I am forgetful and have difficulty retaining new information.
I find it hard to grasp new concepts and ways of doing things.
I tend to focus on my failures and flaws more than my successes.
I feel insecure and unsure about myself around new people or situations.
I often find myself apologizing for my actions, even if I’m not in fault.
I am my own worse critic.
I get depressed or angry when I think about the direction my life is going.
I worry and feel anxious when I hear news or think about potential dangers around me.
I tend to be more pessimistic than optimistic about life.
I find it necessary to explain my actions even in situations where no explanation is required.
I spend most of my work day presenting my best self to customers, clients, or colleagues.
I feel uncomfortable talking about my desires and goals.
I feel like life is pointless and has no real purpose.
I don’t experience a sense of accomplishment in the work I do or the life I lead.
I often feel helpless, hopeless, trapped, or defeated.
I have had thoughts of ending my life.
I don’t believe God cares about me as an individual.
I sometimes feel numb and do things that cause me pain so I can feel something.
I’m not satisfied with my life.
I find comfort in food, drugs, or alcohol.
I sometimes wish I were never born.
I struggle with the concept of God.
I avoid social situations.
I often feel detachment from family and friends.
I tend to attract people who mistreat or are abusive towards me.
I find it hard to maintain close relationships or make friends.
I feel I’m the only one who struggles with various life issues.
I prefer online relationships over face-to-face relationships.
I enjoy working on projects by myself.
My social media persona is not an accurate representation of my real life.
I isolate myself from others and prefer being alone.
If I needed someone to help me do something today, I don’t know who I’d call.
I am sensitive to loud sounds and bright lights.
I spend over 4 hours a day looking at a computer screen.
I dislike natural foods and feel they have no flavor.
I don’t enjoy being hugged.
I am desensitized to aromas others smell easily.
I don’t enjoy concerts, fireworks, or other sensory-rich experiences.
I crave processed foods and sugary drinks.
I often experience pain, pressure, or fatigue behind my eyes at the end of the day.
I have no sex drive and don’t enjoy being touched.
I get anxious when around lots of activity.
I focus on the needs of my family and prioritize them over my own needs.
I often omit self-care from my to-do list.
I feel selfish when I take off time to do something just for me.
I tend to do self-destructive things or make choices that sabotage my happiness.
I don’t believe my work is of value or that others appreciate my contributions.
I live in an urban area.
I have difficulty brainstorming new ideas.
I spend most of my time inside and rarely get a chance to experience nature.
I don’t consider myself to be a creative person.
I lack motivation and I’m in need of inspiration.

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