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Saundra outsideHi there! My name is Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith and I CHOOSE MY BEST LIFE.  I’m a practicing Internal Medicine physician who still believes life is a treasure worth experiencing daily. I’m not an idealist or unrealistic optimist who believes every day is free from stress and frustration, but I am one who believes my choices matter in the person I become and the life I live. It’s a principle I share with my patients and all those I love because life’s too short to sit by and let it slip away untouched.

A few years ago I became aware of a large nationwide study which reported over 55% of the US population views their life as difficult and/or struggling. This is a study which is still actively collecting data, who’s follow-up results showed most of the 55% also believed their situation would not improve over the next 5 years. The day I learned of this study something inside me changed. The magnitude of hopelessness this study displayed moved me.

Daily I work and treat people in my medical office and hospital who deal with depression, anxiety, stress, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and various other emotional and stress-related disorders. These people didn’t sign up for this life of difficulty, nor do they deserve to remain in this place of hopelessness. Yet most of them had decided, most have made a choice that “This is as good as it gets.” Well I can’t settle for that and I refuse to let them become fixated on the edge of now as life passes them by.

I am not perfect.  I do not have all the answers, but I do know that I once had similar feelings. I too once believed every day had to be filled to the brim with stress and disappointment. I too had thought of life as a burden and not a joy. What changed my course and took me on a different path was the illuminating thought “If my choices have brought me to this place, where will I be in one year if I choose a different path?”

So I made a choice to choose better. A choice to make decisions based on where I want to go and the type of life I want to live. I made a choice to not become a statistic who is daily striving to maintain and rather to become one who is thriving in the place I’m at as I make choices which move me to an even better place.

I quickly found out I was not the only one choosing my best life.  There were others out there who view the choices they made as vital stepping stones to a full, hope-filled, purpose-driven, grace-in-the-moment life.  Together we have set out on a mission to find a million others who will stand in the face of changing times and make the choice to choose their best life too.

Choices are life-changing. Not happy with where you are right now, decide I Choose My Best Life?  Not seeing growth in your relationships, decide I Choose My Best Life?   Whatever the situation,  I challenge you to make a commitment to yourself to not give up hope. I challenge you to decide I Choose My Best Life.

So, here we go on a journey to experience life together. On this site you will find articles, assessments, quotes, freebies, and all kinds of great things to help you daily make better choices.  Got a great tip, word of encouragement, or idea that will help others in the community, just sent me a note and let me know. I love hearing from you!  And if you haven’t yet joined the  “Movement”, what are you waiting for?  Click Here to join and together let’s make choices that move us toward our best life!

Cheering you on,


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